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The Most 7 Cheap Countries To Visit In Europe

Looking for the best places to travel that are cheap? Worry no more! We’ve partnered with journey travel knowledgeable, Jeremy Scott Foster from TravelFreak, as he talks regarding a number of the cheap countries to visit in Europe this year. There’s little question that traveling around Europe will be high-ticket, but little did we all know that there are numerous cheap European countries (and some are considered the cheapest European countries). Long-distance flights, dear hotels, and fancy dinners will add up quicker than you thought. And whereas Europe is home to a number of the foremost high-ticket countries within the world, it’s conjointly home to a number of the cheap countries to travel to.
Traveling doesn’t have to be compelled to price associate arms and legs if you search for the cheapest countries in Europe.

Here is a list of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe:

1. Spain

After all, it’s not just all about enjoying the warmth of the sun and spending your pocket money on shopping; there is so much more than that when you travel in Spain. Naming some, Spain has some of the acknowledged best sceneries that exist, the best beaches like Costa de la Luz, mouth-watering dishes, must-visit cities like Madrid and Barcelona, the lovely whitewashed towns and villages that speak the tough slopes of Andalucía. Travelling in Spain will not just satisfy your eyes by the sights, but also your taste buds and hunger. There’s no reason not to be proud of being able to visit Spain, so post your travel goals and be the ultimate Spain Travels Idol.

2. Hungary

Grabbing the 2nd spot as the cheapest country in Europe to visit. The neighboring cities of pectoral muscle, Miskolc, and Eger also are price visiting. And to high it off, Hungary has a number of the most cost effective feeding choices in Europe. The costs can be rising as budget airlines take hold, however Hungary’s lovely capital boasts a lot of activities for those traveling on a budget. Although a lot of the pricier traveler action is targeted on Budapest’s riverside, it’s liberal to explore on foot and guests will even cash in on free walking tours LED by knowledgeable guides. Across the Danube River, the attractive Fisherman’s Bastion boasts beautiful bird’s-eye views across town and offers free entry between period of time and time period. Of course, a visit to the capital of Hungary wouldn’t be complete no end by one in all its famed thermal baths. The affordable and delightful Széchenyi Baths square measures an ideal selection.
3. Balkan nation 

Romania’s capital town may be a must-see for any traveller on a budget.
4. Czech Republic-

known for its gothic cathedrals and medieval castles, Prague remains one in all the highest traveler destinations within the European nation. Though the capital town is taken into account as one of the most cost effective cities in Europe, it will still be 50-100% dearer than alternative places within the country. Its name as party central could have hiked up the price of a visit to Prague in recent years. In fact, in line with Euromonitor International, it’s currently Europe’s fifth most visited destination, however there’s still masses to try and do within the ‘City of 100 Spires’ while not outlying a fortune. Whereas hotspots just like the recent City Square. and Wenceslas square measures a requirement on any visitor’s itinerary, rather more wallet-friendly food and drink (including its legendary low cost beer) will be found off from Prague’s historic center in neighborhoods like hip Žižkov. There’s public art aplenty in Prague too. Walk its streets and you’ll be treated to the sight of many works by Czech sculptor David Černý together with In Utero and Hanging Out.
5. Poland 

Even the country’s high attractions are cheap! Most of Poland’s monuments and buildings square measure liberal to visit, and Government run museums provide free entrance a minimum of once every week. With all that saved cash, you’ll be able to get many additional beers (which also are preposterously cheap!). Additionally, Poland is one of the many cheap countries in Europe.
6. Croatia 

With shining waters, sandy beaches, and cascading waterfalls, Croatia may be a traveler’s dream. Whereas you may simply pay many greenbacks traveling through this Adriatic country, it’s positively potential to try and do European country on a budget. Although urban centers could mean costly visits, crowds of tourists tend to draw close the costs of hotels and restaurants. Your cash can go heaps more if you pay time in cities like Zagreb or Split.
7. France

We’ve got endless reasons to travel to the Most Visited Country in the World that is abundant with awesome landscapes, meadows, farms, and sea coasts. Aside from that, what’s not to love about the Most Romantic City in the world that is located in this stunning nation? Upon going to France, take the chance to travel in Paris too. Aside from it being romantic, it is also foodies’ paradise for their bread, pastries, macarons, patisseries, boulangeries and boucheries, frog legs or French fancies, fine dining or a relaxed affair.
If you select to go to European country throughout the offseason, you’ll be able to still fancy the islands and coastlines while not the high prices related to them. As you’ll be able to see, there are varied places to examine in Europe that square measure wallet-friendly. Currently, you just grasp it’s potential to explore Europe on a budget, you’ll have to be compelled to face the foremost difficult task: Deciding wherever to go!
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